In the past few weeks we noticed a lot more untrustworthy projects that are trying to partner up with Shadow Investors. Making money has become a lot harder, especially on the Binance Smart Chain. Many projects are trying to get us to fund their presale and then abandon the project (so called soft rugs). To fight this I had a talk with the owner of PinkSale and PinkMoon. We are proud to announce to all of you that we have formed a strategic partnership with PinkSale. They have a community of 34’000 members on Telegram. Their token is valued at over 10m market cap. We are happy to be associated with them, because their goal is also to get rid of all the scams in the crypto industry, just like us. They will help us fight the scammers.

What is the benefit for Shadow Investors?

From now on we will require most of our upcoming partnerships and new projects to launch via PinkSale, which will make it a lot safer for investors. PinkSale developers will also help us verify and check the contract code of each project, reducing the risk of potential scams! Their launchpad reduces the amount of bots entering and also makes it safer for people to invest. With PinkSale even people without any coding skills can create their tokens. Community Members of Shadow Investors are able to create their tokens and launch them through PinkSale.

About PinkSale

PinkSale’s ultimate goal is to be a competitor to Dxsale. PinkSale is a protocol aiming to provide users with the capabilities to launch their own token and create their own initial token sale. No programming skills are required – you can create your own token with just a few clicks. PinkSale offers multiple other features to help you with the overall token launch, such as: helping with the listing of your token on PinkSwap and PancakeSwap, with locking your LP and with adding a vesting period for your tokens.

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