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Crypto Shadow Investors is a community with the goal of making investing in new cryptocurrencies as safe as possible for everyone. We review new projects by talking to the owners and perform further analysis to increase security.

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The cryptocurrency market is rapidly growing with new cryptocurrencies being introduced on a daily basis, but not all of them are worth investing in. We analyze new crypto tokens and select only the best ones, meaning we cut out all the other ones for you!


Get access to the best new tokens before they list on other exchanges.


The goal of Shadow Investors is to reduce the risk for new investors as much as possible by thoroughly vetting every project.


VIP members get access to a private chat in our Discord where we share vetted projects and allow members to discuss their investment plans. 


Shadow Investors offers private trading & investing tutorials for beginners and experts. By subscribing you will get access to our trading courses.


The goal of Shadow Investors is to teach new Investors about the risks and advantages of investing into new crypto tokens and trading cryptocurrency. Our goal is to explain everything at a beginner level.

How it Works

Our analysts investigate new cryptocurrency presales and make sure that the investment is as safe as possible. 

The contract code is analyzed, the identity of the project team is verified through our administrators, and public discussions and Q&A sessions are held with the project owners.

After you have done your own research on the project, Shadow Investors offers a selected amount of presale spots for the respective projects. By being a VIP member you will have priority over free members to invest into our vetted projects. Always do your own research before investing. Shadow Investors does not give financial advice, we only educate you by sharing the opinion of our analysts. The final decision is up to each investor whether to invest in a project or not.


Below we answered the most common questions.

You will be getting the coins at an extremely low price. If you invested in a good crypto, it will 10x – 100x in a matter of months to a couple years depending on how popular the applications that are powered by the coins get.

The analysts of Shadow Investors try to minimize the risk as much as possible by doing an in-depth research on every token. However, this does not mean that the investment is 100 % safe. Shadow Investors does not give financial advice, we only educate you by sharing our opinion. The final decision is up to each investor whether to invest in a project or not. Therefore, everyone should always do their own research about the project.

Currently we do only accept cryptocurrenies as a payment method. This might change in the future. We do accept BNB, BUSD, Tether, BTC and Ethereum.

First, make sure to join Discord Channel.

After joining our Discord channel you need to register a new Account on our Website. Make sure that you register and connect your Discord Account properly.

After paying for the subscription, you will receive the rank atuomatically on our Discord Channel and get access to all our private chat rooms. You will also gain access to our educational content on our Website that is available only to paid members.

We make investing safer

There are hundreds of new cryptocurrency launched daily. Finding the legit ones can be difficult and time confusing. We want to educate and teach beginners how to invest and trade cryptocurrencies from A-Z.

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