Shadow Investors is a public group of investors for for finding and filtering new cryptocurrency coins (tokens) so you don’t have to do the research by yourself! The main purpose of this investors group is to create a trustworthy community where we can all make profit. Shadow Investors focuses on pre-sale and fair launch coins in earlier stages. The group is mainly investing into bsc (binance smart chain) tokens and ERC20 coins on Uniswap. The goal is to invest into cryptocurrencies before they launch on mayor big exchanges.

What’s different from this cryptocurrency investing group to others?

The goal of Shadow Investors is to be as transparent as possible to all investors when it comes to investing into new presales and fairlaunches on Uniswap, Dxsale or whichever platform and network these new coins are looking to launch on. Shadow Investors is investing into BSC (binance smart chain) coins and ERC20 tokens via Uniswap.

On Shadow Investors Discord the identity of projects owners will be verified and there are also public calls with the owners of new cryptocurrency projects. Every investor has the possibility to ask any question regarding the project before investing any money into it.

On Shadow Investors Discord and on their public Telegram Channel there are many talented administrators and analysts who share their public opinion about certain projects. There is a VIP group that costs monthly, but you can also get public signals about new BSC or Uniswap coins/tokens without an investment.

The strengths of the Binance Smart Chain and why investing into new presales can be profitable

You don’t have to think about it for long to realize that the main strength of the Binance Smart Chain is its connection to the platform of the same name. So, the company behind the blockchain is an organization that has an interest in the blockchain. As such, they also have an understanding of the topic, which makes it easier for them to address crypto traders’ pain points.

The results don’t lie either, as they are excellent. Especially when you compare them to the current state of the Ethereum blockchain. It is not for nothing that more and more developers are choosing to build their project on the Binance smart chain.

The transaction costs on the Binance Smart Chain are several times lower than on the Ethereum blockchain. This is great for the end users of decentralized applications, but also for their developers. After all, if people have to pay hundreds of dollars to buy their token, it is very unlikely that they will actually do it.

As a developer, it is therefore better to choose a blockchain where users have to pay lower transaction costs. It is then much easier for them to buy tokens as they hardly have to pay for them.

Another advantage is that transactions are also processed much faster. This is because Binance’s blockchain is not yet as widely used as the Ethereum blockchain, but also because BSC uses a different technology. As a result, it currently has no scalability issues. And that’s something Ethereum is suffering a lot from right now. They are currently working on moving to Ethereum 2.0, although it remains to be seen if this update will actually solve the problems.

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